Sunday, August 14, 2011

The most hated car of 2011 (andddd im bacccccck)

I have returned finally from a fun filled summer. Sadly I was on the road so much I wasn't able to update my blog which I love so dearly at all. But nothing to worry about because I am back and better than ever. Let's re-start off this blog with the most hated car of 2011. But the year is still young you might say, yeah well people are really hasty to name this one out, so without further ado here it is. 
The year has four more months left, but a chorus of boos from the nation's auto reviewers makes it evident that the clear favorite for the title of "Most Disliked 2011 Car" is ... the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. Not since the Mercedes R-class, and, before that, the Pontiac Aztek has the overall verdict been so bruisingly negative. The CrossCabrio has been tarred for being lumpy, dumpy, shaky and sluggish.

In simple terms, the Murano CrossCabriolet is an all-wheel-drive Murano crossover in which an automatic folding fabric top replaces the metal roof, and the two rear doors have been eliminated. It has been billed as the first convertible crossover (if you exclude the Jeep Wrangler ). With its raised suspension and high deck lid, the CrossCabrio looks somewhat like an artichoke on wheels, the prototypical niche vehicle. It seats four and, available only fully-loaded, has an MSRP of $47,520.

What is your least favorite car make of all time?
Me, I hate PT Cruiser, just a very ugly car in general.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yahtzee game goes wrong

Wow I didn't really think stuff like this happens.
But I guess this new article proves me wrong.
Read through it and tell me in the comments below how this makes feel.
I'm still shocked in awe.
Spring comes along and Jacob asks his friend how to dispose of a body, you know his mom has only been
missing for 4 months now so it's not bait at all. He gets caught and is being tried as an adult.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Woman dies after waking up at her own funeral

The picture: Too much?
Anyway, you would think that this is something that happens in, say, Indonesia, where in some parts their medical expertise is, well, lacking.
Nope – this happened in Kazan, Russia, which no, not in Siberia – it’s a modernized city with over a million people. Moscow branded it “The Third Capital of Russia.” And was also known as the “sports capital of Russia.” This is not some backwards hick town.
A woman suffered from chest pains and supposedly heart failure. She was pronounced dead by the doctors on site. Everyone made preparations for a funeral.
Except, she woke up.
Rightly shocked at what was happening around her — waking up at your own funeral — she screamed and died for real this time.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, 49, woke up as relatives were praying at her open coffin, The Sun reported.
She screamed on realising that she was going to be buried.
The woman was promptly taken to a hospital in Kazan, Russia, where, however, she was declared dead from a suspected heart attack.
'Her eyes fluttered and we immediately rushed her back to the hospital,' the woman's husband Fagili was quoted as saying.
'But she only lived another 12 minutes before she died again, this time for good.'

Needless to say, the husband is pissed, and launching a lawsuit against the hospital, who is performing “an investigation.” Which is code for, “getting our legal team together to cover our asses.”

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mosquitoes more attracted to beer drinkers

...And I always thought that alcohol in your bloodstream kept the mosquitoes from biting you.
Trash that idea, it's only a myth.

It might be nice enough to enjoy a pint outside in your part of Canada, but news that mosquitoes are likely to target people with beer in their systems might make you re-think enjoying your favorite patio.
Or at least apply some bug repellent before you head out.
A study, conducted by scientists at the IRD Research Centre in France, shows that insects are 15 per cent more likely to fly toward humans after they have consumed a pint.
The researchers write in Plos One that one possible explanation is, "Mosquitoes may have evolved preferences for people who recently consumed beer - possibly due to reduced host defensive behaviours or highly-nutritious blood-meals."
The team used 25 males from West Africa and had them drink a local brew called Dolo. Mosquitoes were then released into the air and had the option of flying toward open air or the odour of the participant. Before participants drank the beer, only 50 per cent of mosquitoes flew toward the participant's odour. After a beer, the number rose to 65 per cent.
"Beer consumption, as opposed to water consumption, significantly increased both the activation and orientation of An. gambiae," the authors write in Plos One. "We found that beer consumption not only enhanced the number of mosquitoes that engage in odour-mediated upwind flight (mosquito activation) but also enhanced the strength of their odour-mediated anemotactic response (mosquito orientation)."
Researchers also tried the same experiment with water finding that it was six per cent less likely for mosquitoes to fly toward the participants odour after consuming a glass.
They are hoping to use the findings to decrease cases of malaria, a disease that kills 780,000 people worldwide every year.
While malaria may not be a big problem in Canada, it is a good idea to lather on the bug screen when at the cottage enjoying beer.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ford's absence at Pride ceremony elicits boos

Now I understand a bit why the mayor should show up to something like this, but this is a individual's decision to go and if it comes in the way of his family annual reunion at his cottage, then so be it, family is stronger than a job. At least it should be for most people. I think with or without the mayor there, the event won't change at all, it's not like he's the host of the parade anyways.
Toronto council speaker Frances Nunziata was greeted with boos at the flag-raising ceremony for Toronto's Pride Week as protesters demanded to know why Mayor Rob Ford was not present.
Nunziata was acting as Ford's representative at the noon ceremony at Nathan Phillips Square on Monday, in which she proclaimed Pride Week festivities were officially underway.
But she was drowned out by a handful of protesters at the ceremony who booed as she tried to read the proclamation.
"Where's the mayor?," they yelled. Some were carrying signs with slogans like "you can't hide from us 4eva," and "respect LGBTQ taxpayers."
Nunziata responded by saying those who didn't want to hear her speak "have the right to leave."
'Could have softened the blow'
She said after the meeting that Ford had a "prior commitment" and could not attend the ceremony.
"I don't think people should criticize because you can't be at all places at the same time," she said.
Ford said later that he skipped the flag ceremony for a "private" meeting at the Air Canada Centre with Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke.
Last year Burke marched in the parade as a tribute to his son Brendan, who was killed in a car accident. This was just months after his son revealed he was gay. Since then Burke has been fighting homophobic attitudes.
When asked by reporters later on Monday if the meeting had changed his mind, Ford told reporters "One day at a time. Let's take it one day at a time."
Pride organizers say there are seven more days of events that the mayor could attend and add they would be happy if he even made a small appearance to show his support.
Ford's relationship with Pride Week has come under intense scrutiny in recent days after the mayor said he would skip this week's Pride Parade to spend that time with his family at his cottage.
Richard Warner, one of those who shouted down Nunziata, said Ford's decision to not attend the parade was not politically smart, given the size of the city's gay community and how much the event brings to the city's economy. He also lamented Ford's decision not to come to the flag raising ceremony.
"If he had shown up today...he could have softened the blow [of not attending the parade]," said Warner.
The mayor said he still may attend other Pride-related events, but first has to check his schedule.
The Pride Parade will be held on July 3 and is the culmination of the city's well-known Pride Week, a 10-day festival celebrating sexual diversity in downtown Toronto.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Family barbecue ends in stabbing

One woman is in custody and another woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries following a dispute at a family barbecue in Toronto early Sunday morning.
Police said they were called to an east-end home in the Pharmacy Avenue and Danforth Avenue area where there were reports of a stabbing.
Police said they found a woman suffering from at least six wounds to her head and neck. She was taken to hospital were she was treated and released.
The altercation was the result of an ongoing dispute between two sisters.
Meanwhile, the victim's sister has been charged with aggravated assault. Police have not released the names of the victim or of the accused.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sentencing begins in York Region officer's death

A man who struck and killed York Regional Police Det.-Const. Robert Plunkett with a car in 2007 appeared before a sentencing hearing on Tuesday.
Earlier this year, 23-year-old Nadeem Jiwa was convicted of manslaughter in Plunkett's death. Plunkett, a 22-year veteran of the force and a father of three, died in August 2007 while investigating air bag thefts.
Plunkett was trying to arrest Jiwa on a residential street in Markham, Ont. Jiwa, who was driving, reversed the car and pinned Plunkett between a tree and the car's open door.
The Crown has asked for a 12- to 14-year prison sentence for Jiwa, arguing this would reflect the level of community outrage at the death of an officer in the line of duty.
The defence argues a sentence of five to seven years better reflects a crime that was unintentional.
During Tuesday's sentencing hearing, Plunkett's family said Jiwa has never shown remorse or sympathy.
"In fact, his family has taken steps to show disdain for the system and have seen him as the victim," said Plunkett's widow Sonja.
York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe said the loss of Plunkett has been keenly felt on the force.
"This has been a very long ordeal, not only for the Plunkett family but for York Region Police," he told CBC News.
Jiwa's sentencing hearing will continue on June 29, when he will likely be sentenced.