Monday, June 20, 2011

Car bomb near women's college kills 2 in southwestern Pakistan

QUETTA, Pakistan - Police say a car bomb exploded near a women's college in southwestern Pakistan, killing two people and wounding 12 others.
Police officer Hamid Shakil says the bomb appears to have been detonated Monday by a timing device. The car was parked near a women's college in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province.
Shakil did not say who is suspected of carrying out the attack or indicate the target.
Baluchistan has experienced frequent attacks by nationalists who demand a greater share of the province's natural resource wealth but car bomb attacks are rare.
The province, which borders Afghanistan, is also widely believed to be home for many Afghan Taliban militants, including the group's leader, Mullah Omar.


  1. So sad. This violence needs to stop.

  2. Horrible, these car bombs must stop.

  3. Sooo we killed Bin laden and now there is some guy Mullah Omar? Oh dear, here we go again...

  4. It must be crazy to live in one of those countries. Although, not all the developing Nations are like that. For example: Argentina. People say it is really not safety but on the contrary, is safer than some European countries nowadays. I stayed in a buenos aires apartment for 3 weeks and I felt completely safe at all times. Sometimes we have to doubt of the media.